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Most playgrounds were using surfaces that were not safe for children to play on. A playground that was covered in concrete made it impossible for kids to have fun fully. While playing, falling or slipping is inevitable because children are always up and down – very energetic and active. There were increased rates of serious injuries; head and knee fractures, and with this alarming case, Playground Safety Surfacing came in handy


Yes, it may not be necessary to install safety surfacing but it is a moral obligation to assure a safe playground for children. You do not want to face the law due to injuries that could have been avoided. A quality playground surface that is safe and convenient for children should have the following features;

It is dangerous to play or run-on wet surfaces with minimal safety falling height features like concrete. The effect of the fall may send one to the emergency room. Fortunately, Clearwater Safety Surfacing installs a variety of playground surfaces like synthetic turf, poured-in-place rubber etc. These are safe and accessible for all and at all times. Critical Fall Height is an important feature in a safe playground surface. A playground should be accessible to all, including those with mobility disabilities. The surface has to ensure that the movement of wheelchairs and crutches is easy.

When it comes to Playground Safety Surfacing, what you request for is exactly what you get. There are numerous safety surfaces like bonded rubber which can easily be designed and comes in a range of colors. This will make your playground aesthetically pleasing and also safe for children to play on. Do your research, ask professionals and get to find what will perfectly fit your budget and playground.

Due to the high-foot traffic, playground surfaces are eligible to wear and tear. With this, the playground becomes a safe hazard since there will be no grip hence increased falling cases. Some surfaces that are made from synthetic rubber tend to be durable and can withstand the friction. This will however make them last for a long time with absolutely minimal maintenance. It is good that there are regular maintenance check ups to keep the surface clean and monitor any crack or problem.

You do not want children going to parks that have surfaces that can easily affect their health. A safe playground surface has to be allergy-free, animal poop or even objects shouldn’t be buried in the surface. Clearwater Safety Surfacing helps in the installation of surfaces that do not tolerate the growth of microorganisms. Rubber playground surfaces are safe for the environment and children too.

Playground safety is quite important for kids. It’s because if the playground is not safe or the ground is too hard, kids are the ones at risk. However, with playground safety surfacing, this can drop the risk of falling to a minimum. It’s the reason playground safety surfacing is becoming increasingly popular. The safety surfacing materials are soft, durable, require low maintenance and offer decent protection to anyone who falls over the ground, especially kids.

Clearwater Safety Surfacing is a full-service safety surfacing company with years of experience in this industry. We have installed several thousand square feet of playground surfacing material across the country since the beginning.

What is playground safety surfacing?

It’s a process of installation of safety materials on the existing ground or surface. It is a very useful service as it offers decent protection and is available in the most bright and eye-catching designs and colors. You should consider this service for a protective playground surface for your kids.

Materials for playground surfacing 

You can use several materials to improve and ensuring playground safety. Here are some of the materials you can choose from: 

Clearwater Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Turf
Clearwater Safety Surfacing-Poured-In-Place Rubber

Why Choose Clearwater Safety Surfacing

Our safety surfacing services are elite and cost-effective. It’s the reason we are the most popular and recommended service providers in the country. Our company offers several materials for you to choose from. Our services are both affordable and come along with a set warranty for a hassle-free replacement if the product malfunctions. We have a team of reliable safety surfacing experts with years of experience in playground surfacing. We know what will make the surfacing materials last long and offer decent protection to the kids. Our services are affordable and easily accessible. So, connect with us now.